A place to play and develop – all over the world

RODECO is an international but personal company based in Sweden. Our headquarters and manufacturing are located in Åtvidaberg, Östergötland. From here, we supply complete solutions for playgrounds and play areas, especially to European countries but also for the rest of the world.

We know how children play and develop

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we know how children play and how this affects their development. A thoughtful, creative and fun play area develops the children but also neighbouring businesses and operations. Rodeco delivers more than a playground – we create a place catering the children’s need for physical movement and mental stimulation.

In public areas like schools and malls, more playgrounds are being built than ever before. The terms are demanding. The playground must be very safe, be of high quality and sustainable and also fun. A modern playground shouldn’t tell the children how to play, this is something for them to discover and explore by themselves as they develop their imagination and physical skills. If they can do it with their parents its even better.  

A safe and secure playground is the key. We master the art of designing playgrounds that are both safe and fun – on land and with water. RODECO have collected a great amount of knowledge and experience on how children play and wants to play. Our ambition is that at every attractive meeting location there will be a playground by RODECO!

With a well thought out, creative and fun playground the children won’t just develop their physical and social skills, but it will also raise the visitors value and help growing nearby business. The re-visit value increases for the whole family, and their visits will become longer.

years of experience

deliveries all over the world

How we work

All our playgrounds and children pool are unique. We design and customize the play after your specific environment and need.

We’re with you through the whole process.

1. We listen to your ideas, needs and requests

2. We translate the ideas to measurements and shapes


3. RODECO designs a concept proposal

4. Production of the playground or children pool

5. Delivery and installation


6. Happy customer and happy visitors

Safety, quality and design are our key words 

High quality provides high security and a safe play environment for children and their parents. Our production line is cost effectively with high quality and delivery performance in focus. A playground area must always be adapted to the number of visitors. A high visit rate leads to high wear and tear and this affects the safety of the product. Our durable products are of very good quality. This creates both high security and contributes to a neat and clean play area.

All our playgrounds follow rules, standards and EU-directives to ensure the safety of the children. Just as important is to follow the environmental requirements for materials, production and sustainability.

We are certified according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 and Class A-marked by SundaHus.