An inviting adventure that encourages play and movement creates a good aquatic environment.

Are you thinking of installing of water park in your facility?

Some tips to consider when you plan a waterpark with a play area or play environment. Consider:

  • Easy for staff and parents to monitor children wherever they are.

  • Opportunities for interactive play and for play that stimulates collaborative exercises.

  • Create exciting lighting at low costs.

  • Always have borders around the pools.

  • Air, bubbles and waves plus sounds and lights provide exciting effects.

  • There is often more space than you think. Be open in your thinking when it comes to where you can place your water fun.



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Rodeco Water Parks

See some of our installations and ready to order playgrounds. Click to enlarge and get more information about the specific water park.

Developing toys for play and practice – Quality products for swimming:

RODECO develops and manufactures waterplay products made by foam (called EVA) in our own production in Åtvidaberg, Sweden. Three keywords are always applied in our production; safety, quality and design. Children enjoys waterplay products, and these contributes to their experience in water as well as balance and generates activity and play.

  • Designed to train children in the water
  • All material is environmental approved
  • Resistant against chlorine and UV-lightning
  • Safe to consume (though not recommended)
  • CE-approved
  • Environmental friendly for recycling

All of our RODECO Waterplay products can be found on www.miwex.se. Click the button below.

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