Playgrounds for indoor environments create positive values ​​for families and surrounding businesses.

Adapt your playground to your business

Some important factors to consider in the design work is the business type, length of purchasing decisions and how long you want the kids to play. If a visit takes less than 30 minutes in a store or business, this usually indicates no greater need for play. However, if the visit lasts longer or if the purchase decision requires commitment, attendance and time, then it is important to offer the opportunity for a guarded play.

Through the design of the play environment, known as the play value, we can influence the time spent by children when playing. Another important parameter is the time the parents feel that they can add to the children’s play. During an extended visit to a shopping mall or a store, parents usually need a break for the kids.

A play of 15-20 minute can make the whole family enjoy the visit and lay the foundation for a return, “because it was so fun.”


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Rodeco playgrounds

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