Interactive play

RODECO Digital Play

The Magic Screen Touch is developed specifically for individual installation in corners, walls, or tables. The LED screen is glare-free and scratch resistant and has a built-in control unit and speakers.
The screen can be built in our playgrounds to create an interactive environment. The software, the games and content comes in standard RODECO design.




19” (378 x 303 mm)
22” (477 x 268 mm)
32” (747 x 453 mm)


LED touch screen, HPL-laminated according to EN71
Maintenance free control unit with VGA, HDMI, USB,

Power consumption:

Sleep mode approx. 25 watt (0,025 kWh)
Gaming mode approx. 30 watt (0,030 kWh)


2 years


Over 10 available games in RODECO design. Over 20 language options. Suitable for kids from 3 years old


RODECO Magic Wall Deluxe

The Magic Wall Deluxe touch screen comes mounted in a panel that’s 60 cm wide and 117 cm high. The panel can be designed after a brand, contain images or graphic profile to create an attractive play environment for the children.
The panel can have 1 or 2 screens (one on each side) installed or 1 screen with a physical play panel on the opposite side.
The LED screen is approx. 38 x 31 cm is glare-free and scratch resistant.

RODECO Magic Table

RODECO can manufacture tables designed to fit the play area. The table features the Magic Screens and the table can be customized to match the play area in colour and shape. The content of the screen comes in standard RODECO design.

RODECO PlayTable Deluxe

The PlayTable Deluxe table is 110 cm wide, 75 cm deep and 72 cm high and comes in standard designs. The top board and side panels comes in multiple available colours. The table itself can also be customized with details such as stickers to match a specific brand or content.


The RODECO Magic Wall LED can be installed in corners and walls and is available in multiple colours. The frame is 59 cm high and 57 cm wide. The LED screen is glare-free and scratch resistant and has a built-in control unit and speakers. The screen can be built into the playground or playroom for an interactive environment. The software comes in standard RODECO design.

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RODECO Play Panels

The colourful KeeBee play modules will keep the customers and children
entertained. All parts are attached or encapsulated, meaning that nothing can be
removed and swallowed. The modules are easy to maintain and clean after playing.
All the products are manufactured to meet the EN71 standards.

Dimensions rectangular modules:
Height: 700 mm
Widh: 450 mm
Depth: 40 mm

Dimensions circular modules:
Diameter: 620 mm
Depth: 60 mm