Several smaller playgrounds or one large? With our concept ModPlay you don’t need to choose. Designed to offer the children new play opportunities together with their parents they also offer the chance to social distancing. The playgrounds can also be connected to create one large playground for everyone.

Many unique opportunities to play

The concept of ModPlay offers several options for play. Every module is designed to be connected with other modules to expand the play area. This makes play available even on places where there’s not enough space for a large playground or if the playground needs to be relocated from time to time. You can choose how large – or small – you want your playground to be and then in the future decide if you’d want the playground to expand with new modules to attract children to play. To each module there’s also the option of benches and tables for the parent to relax.

The benefits are many


– Every module works as a standalone unit with the 25cm wide edge that can be applied or removed.

– ModPlay comes in several geometric and organic shapes. The geometric shapes offer a possibility for the shape to be adjusted to fit its surroundings. The organic shapes create play islands that could be put together or separated across a larger surface. All shapes can be connected and combined of course.

– As customer you don’t need to purchase a large or complete playground. Instead, you can purchase one module or combine several into a larger playgrounds.

– Two unique themes, Pretty Candy and Jungle Party. All parts within each theme are matching and makes it easier to design your own unique playground, even if it’s expanded at a later time.

Scroll through each theme to see all possibilities

Pretty Candy

Jungle Party