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RODECO offers two options to rent a playground:



RODECO SWOP – multiple playgrounds, one contract period

With our service RODECO SWOP you rent multiple playgrounds during one contract period, each playground designed after your requirements. Once half the contract period has passed, the playground is updated with a new design for the same space. That way your playground will remain fresh and attractive to the customers. Show customers you’re always in development and create a new experience with the updated playground. Contact us for offers and see the available playgrounds below.


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RODECO POPUP PLAY – a flexible and compact solution for unused surfaces

Designed for unused surfaces, big as small, RODECO POPUP PLAY is a flexible solution. For a monthly fee, all services and support included, you get a compact and easy to install playground. It’s possible to upgrade parts on the POPUP PLAY. For example, you can change a small hill to a play panel or a interactive digital screen. POPUP PLAY is, due to its easy and quick installment, easy to move to another surface if it’s required for something else – hence its name. Se available playgrounds below.

Shipment costs and installment not included in the price.


Examples of POPUP PLAY  – Contact us for pricing and information regarding availability, manufacturing and delivery.

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