A playroom generates the opportunity for families to sit down and take a paus during their visit while the children can play. This doesn’t just increase the value for the whole family but also increases the chance of both longer and more visits from the customer.

Adjust the play after time and need

Something we have in mind when designing a playground is what type of business surrounds the playground, how long the customer will stay to purchase and how long you want the kids to stay and play. If the customer is required for a longer stay to make a purchase and requires time it’s important to offer a secure and supervised play.

During a visit in a mall or a store there’s often need for a paus for the children. In our well designed playroom the children can play of some energy which will bring joy to the whole family. It increases the chance for a revisit due to a pleasant and joyful visit. With a good design the play value gets higher – then there’s no limits for how long the children wants to stay.

RODECO knows how to best customize the playground based on the customers needs and business to attract the parents and children. Our designers work closely together with the customer to create the best final results.