Our popular concept – POPUP PLAY – have been developed by RODECO to meet the customers needs. Thanks to its design and mobility a POPUP can be made to fit many different locations – in a shopping mall, in an airport or at a restaurant and works indoors as well as outdoors.

A compact concept

POPUP PLAY is easy to assemble, easy to place and easy to relocate if the surface is required for something else – hence its name. Parts and components can be switched out to new ones to keep the playground fresh and offer new play values.

Our POPUP PLAY-concept requires no fixing to the ground. The only thing required is a hard and flat surface. For that reason, the playground can be relocated without harming the surface beneath. This concept is beneficial indoors as well as outdoors.

Our playgrounds are customized after your and your customers needs. If the play needs to be designed to fit in a specific location as a corner, turning wall or in the middle of an aisle it’s fully possible. Colours and shapes dan be customized to match any profile or environment.

On our playgrounds we can install interactive digital screens and analogue wooden panels to attract children in various ages for a challenging play.