Secure shock absorbing floors adapted to current standards and conditions.

Playground inspection

We conduct thorough tersting on the product Before delivery to the customer so that we can be sure that it lives up to our high standards. Fall tests, HIC, are made in our production facilities, but can also be performed at customer site.


Safety comes first!


At RODECO we believe it’s important to use as much recycled materials as possible in our production. To ensure that that our products doesn’t release any toxic or non-healthy substances that could injure the children we’ve decided to limit the recycled materials in our playgrounds. All materials have been tested and controlled to ensure safety and quality, following every ruling standard.

The benefit of using new produced EPDM granulate compared to recycled is that it’s been developed and produced for the specific requirements and maintain a high quality. This makes it easier to ensure that it follows said standards and regulations which leads to a safer quality control as well as a better production. By using new EPDM it can be colored and mixed while following the environmental standards. The new EPDM is also more durable to weather and usage. The downside of new granulate is that it’s manufacturing process is slightly more expensive.


In case of accidents we always take responsibility for our products and the safety and we ensure that we assist with all of our experience and knowledge to help with any questions or cases.


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