The Smurfs

Let the children play and explore the wonderful world of the ever so famous Smurfs. The children will get the opportunity to shrink and see the environments through the eyes of the Smurfs and explore the nostalgic world. The playgrounds include many activities to trigger the imagination.

Welcome to the Blue Planet!

Everyone knows of the iconic blue figurines – The Smurfs. It started with comics in the end of the 1950’s and today their popularity reaches beyond several generations and on multiple platforms. The name, “Smurfs”, has been translated to over 55 different languages and the comics are published in over 90 countries. From comics the Smurfs have developed into everything from candy to video games and from tv-series to movies. During 2021 the Smurfs will continue their adventure on the tv-screens.

The Smurfs are ambassadors for the UN:s work for climate and sustainability and have become symbols for happiness, friendship and tolerance for all generations.

Our Smurf playgrounds