Rodeco is looking for new partnerships.

Rodeco is a Swedish family-owned business and leading playground manufacturer in the leisure industry. Our mission is, on one hand, to make public spaces more family-friendly and attractive, an on other hand, increasing visitor’s satisfaction rate and brand recognition for the client.

As pioneer in preassembled and “ready-to use” playgrounds, Rodeco proposes a “Pop Up” play concept that is fully customizable and suitable to be placed in each type of unused free space. Rodeco’s customers are usually owners and managers of public spaces like shopping malls, hotels, campsites, resorts, and entities in the transportation sector, like airports and train stations.

During the past years, the company has been growing and has developed an international presence in Europe through partnerships with other companies and agencies.

To develop our global market further, we are looking for new partnerships and commercial agencies.

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