Unique play areas that can be adapted and re-located

Do your meeting areas give the right visitor experience? An attractive and agreeable public space for both children and parents contributes to better and higher business profitability. No matter where in the world you are!


With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we know how children play and how this affects their development. A thoughtful, creative and fun playground allows children and nearby businesses to develop. Rodeco delivers more than just a playground – we create a place that caters to children’s needs for physical and mental activity.

Sustainable solutions

Rodeco has a team of experts who can help develop a tailor-made play area, from design to finished and installed play areas. Whether places are a hotel, shopping malls, café, swimming pool or a waiting room – big or small.

Let us help you build a personal design solution for your business that suits your budget and reinforces your brand. A custom-designed play area may provide the greatest possible value for the specific playground users-children and their parents. We also offer complementary products such as graphics in the form of wallpaper or stickers, play panels, balls, etc.

Our concepts


A flexible play concept that’s quickly installed and relocated.
A perfect solution for all areas.


Several smaller playgrounds or one big? With our ModPlay concept you don’t need to choose.

Angry Birds

Playgrounds with environments and characters from the popular games and movie of Angry Birds.

The Smurfs

Playgrounds inspired by the Smurfs


We furnish and deliver a complete solution of a playroom adapted to children, a nice service for families.

Outdoor play

Playgrounds for outdoor and parks with fun and challenging activities.
from age 1-10.

Children pool

An inviting adventure that encourages play and activity creates
good water habit.


Enhance the play- and pool experience for the children with wonderful sculptures.

Quality and safety.

All our playgrounds we design and manufacture follows rules and standards according to EU to ensure the childrens safety. Equally important is to follow the environmental standards and laws regarding material, production and sustainability. We are certified accordingly to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 as well as Class A-certified by SundaHus.

Rent your play at RODECO

Rent your play by RODECO. We offer exchangable playgrounds where service and support is included. The playgrounds, designed in our POPUP PLAY-concept, are compact and requires no fixed installation to the ground. Therefor it can be adjusted after your need and relocated if the surface is needed for something else.

Inspiration catalogue

No playground is like the other. We customize the content, colour and form to make the playground represent your brand or the environment. In our inspiration catalogue there’s several different playground ideas in various sizes. We help you customize the playground for your need to create the best experience for you, your customers and the children.

Customer reviews

Designed for 3 year olds, this POPUP PLAY is perfect for smaller children! Together with Operations Manager SA di Gestione we’re very satisfied with the new play area. Customers and nearby businesses alike welcomed this new playground with great joy.

- Serfontana shopping center, Morbio inferiore, Switzerland

The team at RODECO created very exciting play solutions and did a great follow up after the project was finished. There’s two playground on Glerártorg, one large and one small, and it’s been a great succes – the children LOVES them!

- Edda Rún Ragnarsdóttir, Interior architect, ERR Design ICELAND

Commerce customized playground have become incredible popular in the mall and we have many children that comes and stay a long while on the playground. (…) We are very satisfied with our flexible and customized solution. Top class!
– Nicole Schelin, Market Coordinator, Commerce Köpcentrum Skövde

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