A compact play concept


Our popular concept, PopUpPlay®, has been developed by RODECO to meet customer needs. Thanks to its design and mobility, a PopUpPlay® can be placed in many different locations; in a shopping center, at an airport, or in a restaurant, inside or outside.

PopUpPlay® is easy to assemble, easy to place and easy to move if the surface is needed for something else; hence its name. Parts and components can be easily replaced on the playground to keep it fresh and offer many play values."

Our PopUpPlay® concept requires no foundations. All that is needed is a flat surface, therefore the toy can be moved without leaving damage to the surface. The concept is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Our playgrounds are tailored to your and your customers' needs. If the playground needs to be adapted to a specific area such as a corner, curved wall or in the middle of an walkway, this is perfectly possible. Colors and shapes can be customized to match the location's profile or surroundings.



Family pool

RODECO family pools are unique environments that spark children's curiosity and imagination. In a safe and secure pool, they can discover and explore everything from water-spouting sculptures, slides, caves and pumps that stimulate all their imaginations.

Give children the right opportunities to increase their water habits and practice their motor skills in water through play. Turn your pools into attractive environments for children. RODECO creates the complete solution for you.

To make your new swimming pool as attractive and good as possible, you need a combination of exciting and educational design that is also completely safe. You can achieve this with RODECO, we have all the knowledge you need.

A seamless integration that brings together the best of both children's pools and popup playgrounds. 


As a leading company in the design and production of children's pools and pop-up playgrounds, the development of Rodeco Sprayground naturally combines the best of both worlds.

Spray: With 40 years of experience and knowledge in water pools that are both educational and fun, we understand how children interact, play, and develop in water.

Ground: Rodeco's sprayground is more than just a playground. With a focus on safety, enjoyment, and creativity, we create and produce unique play environments that can be easily transported and installed thanks to our unique modular system.


Together this creates the Rodeco Sprayground. More than just a sprayground.


Be ready to get wet!

Enhance the play experience with 



We manufacture the sculptures in our own production in Åtvidaberg and design them according to the customer's specifications. These sculptures can be used in playgrounds to enhance the play environment and its theme, stimulate children's imagination or represent the identity of the company or location.

We are A-classified by SundaHus. This means that the materials used in our production for sculptures and play environments do not emit any toxic substances that can affect the health of visitors and playing children or the environment.

Our existing sculptures are available at both Rodeco and MIWEX. We can also create a solution tailored to your facility and your guests.

Rental of playground equipment



Rent your Playground from RODECO today!

Designed for unused spaces, large or small, RODECO's PopUpPlay® is a flexible solution. For a fixed monthly fee, including all service and support, you get a simple and compact playground. It is possible to replace parts of the surface, such as a hill with a play panel or digital game. PopUpPlay® can be dismantled and moved if its surface is needed for something else - hence the name.

We know how children play



Ground Blue Figure


Ground Blue Figure

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we know how children play and how play affects their development. RODECO delivers more than just a playground - we create a place that meets children's needs for physical and mental activity. 

More playgrounds are being built in public places, schools and shopping centers than ever before. The requirements are tough. The playground must be very safe, have high durability and quality and be fun to play in. A modern playground should also not tell children how to play, children should discover this for themselves, preferably with their parents, while developing their imagination and motor skills.

Our guiding principles are a safe and secure play environment. We know the art of designing play environments that are both fun and safe - both on land and in water. Over the years, RODECO has built up a solid knowledge of children's play and its positive effects. Our ambition is that behind every attractive meeting place there should be a play facility from RODECO!

But a well-thought-out, creative and fun playground not only allows children to develop, but also its neighboring activities. The value of return visits increases for the whole family and families stay longer. 

How we work...

1. We listen to your ideas, needs and wishes
2. We adapt the ideas to the dimensions and shape
3. production of play area or pool
4. Certification
5. delivery and installation
6. service
7. Satisfied customer and happy visitors


All our playgrounds and water parks are customized. We'll design, customize and create a play area tailored to your environment and needs.
We help you all the way.

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Our environmental policy

Sustainability is something that permeates our entire business. In our environmental policy, we explain how we drive development forward and help our customers make sustainable choices.

Our certificates

We are proud of our certificates. It's a sign that our customers can trust us to make the right choices - whether it's about the environment, quality or health and safety


How can plastic be considered sustainable? In our FAQ section, we have gathered a lot of questions and answers to guide you in making smarter choices on sustainability issues.

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We create safe and fun environments for children's development, including family pools. We also manufacture sculptures that can be incorporated into playgrounds or pools to enhance the play environment. Additionally, we offer rentable play areas that are flexible and fully customizable to meet your needs.
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