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A memorable travel always starts with a joyful moment.

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Rodeco's innovative playgrounds for airports

Welcome to a new era of airport waiting.


where boring time at the gates turns into children smiles! We are proud to introduce a valuable addition to airport terminals: an attractive and safe playground, designed and delivered by Rodeco, the pioneer of innovative and modular “pop-up” play solutions.

Travelling with children can sometimes be a challenge, especially during those inevitable moments of waiting at the gates. This is part of Rodeco’ mission to transform these moments into opportunities for excitement, exploration, and unforgettable memories.

The key to Rodeco’s success lies in the versatility of its playground systems.

Rodeco's playground is not just any playground – it's a pre-fabricate modular system that increases values for the customer throughout an appealing and customized design, a free-standing set up without floor anchoring and advantageous adjustability possibility for increased flexibility in its use.

Rodeco knows how children play and proposes inclusive play areas, welcoming children of all ages and abilities to join in the fun. From accessible ramps to sensory-friendly features, every child can feel included and empowered to explore.


Pre-assembled from factory
No fixed installation – displaceable
Theme interchangeable design
Adaptable to fit near to the gates
Bfl-s1 fire resistance class (Optional)

Our most flexible playground concept, RODECO “Pop Up Play”, is a prefabricated playground delivered in modules on pallets. The assembly is very easy. The fact that the playground is free standing removable, it gives the possibility to set it up elsewhere, when the space becomes required for another purpose – that is why it is called popup play! PopUp play is available for indoor and outdoor use.

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