Family pools

A good family pool creates an adventure where the children, under safe circumstances, can train their swimming and improve their water habit in a playful way. Good water habit is fundamental in learning how to swim.  

Inspiring family pools

The children pools by RODECO creates unique environments that exercise the children’s curiosity and imagination. In safe and secure pool they can discover and explore everything from water spraying sculptures, slides, water wheels and pumps that stimulate all of their imagination.

Give the children the right tools to increase their water habit and exercise their motoric skills in water through playing. Turn your pools into attractive play. RODECO creates the complete solution for you.

To make your new pool as attractive and good as possible it requires a combination of exciting and educative design that is also completely safe. You achieve this by working with RODECO, we have all the knowledge you need.

When planning a children pool with play elements it’s important to keep in mind:

  • It must be easy for staff and parents to have visibility of the children and where they are.
  • Include interactive play and cooperative exercises.
  • Lighting. It’s possible to create exciting lighting for a low cost but for a greater experience.
  • Air, bubbles and waves with lights and sounds creates exciting effects.
  • There’s often more space than you think. Be open minded when considering your children pool and where to locate it.

    Sculptures with or without water spray

    Combine the children pool or your current pool with wonderful sculptures that creates a fun environment. Through play in a safe water environment the children will learn how to feel secure in the water. Eventually the swim lessons will go smoothly!

    Quality products for play and excercise

    RODECO manufacture and develop water play products made in EVA-foam. All these products are manufactured in our own production in Åtvidaberg. The children likes toys that helps them train in the water to learn how to swim, to balance and to participate in fun activities. The RODECO Water play is:

    • Designed to assist the motions and movements.
    • Materials are quality and environmentally approved
    • Resistant to chlorine and UV light.
    • Harmless if consumed (we recommend not to consume).
    • CE-approved
    • Environmentally adjusted to be recycled.

    All our water play is available at MIWEX at